I work in the School of Nursing and Human Sciences at Dublin City University as an associate professor in mental health practice and a community activist. Along with a wide group of colleagues my main programme of research and development focuses on`Transforming Dialogues in Mental Health Communities`. Much of this work centres around people reconciling their own experiences, perceptions and practices with other people/groups associated with mental health and using different approaches to improve these at individual, group, organisational and community level. Examples of relevant areas include; where people have extraordinary experiences and beliefs; when people are disenfranchised by society and community; and in the area of Trauma and responses to traumatic events.

Approaches include cooperative learning, participative action, open dialogue and systemic family constellations work. I have been working as a systemic family constellations facilitator for several years having completed my initial training with Barbara Morgan and the Coming Home Foundation.

Having worked within the limitations of traditional therapeutic approaches for 25 years I began to explore what might be considered alternative approaches to helping people work through significant life challenges, such as: Reiki, Tai Chi, Shaminism, Mindfullness and Body Work. It was perhaps inevitable that I would end up embracing constellations work as an all encompassing holistic approach to healing. This work unfolds what is and what has been in such a clear and uncomplicated way for people experiencing serious physical, emotional and systemic problems in life. Deep immediate understanding and healing with clear impact on our family systems is the hall mark of this work and the reason why I embrace it whole heartedly.

In addition to individual family constellations work, much of my facilitation is in the areas of nature, organisational and community constellations and I am part of the organising collective that offer a family constellations healing camp each summer in Co. Wicklow, Ireland.

email Líam at: liam.macgabhann@dcu.ie